Part two of George Dassinger's memopries of opening Graceland to the world.more
Updated: Dec 26, 2009
Last weekend the editorial team of ElvisNews went to Denmark to visit the beautiful capital Copenhagen. Not coincidentally there was an Elvis related concert, organized by our very active friends of Elvis Unlimited.more
Updated: Apr 15, 2005
During the 60’s Elvis went often to the Memphis Fairground Amusement park. After closing time he rented the fairground just for himself and his friends.more
Updated: Jan 14, 2003
Indeed, the Memphis Mafia Inc. held their own second annual reunion at the Ramada Airport Friday and Saturday for Elvis Week 2000.more
Updated: Aug 14, 2000
Volume two of this colourful series is available, this time with video footage.more
Updated: Dec 4, 2006 Shop
Two SUN projects were in the works for the major part of 2005, a project by Ernst Jorgensen on the Follow That Dream label and a project by Joe Pirzada. The latter has released his project, “Memphis Recording Service Volume 1: 1953-1954” just before the end of 2005.more
Updated: Dec 16, 2005 Shop
We can only say that you have to have it! Even if you have every single take released before, this FTD-release contains 74 minutes of pure listening pleasure.more
Updated: Nov 18, 2001 Shop
The "Memphis Sessions", another fine release from the FTD label brings us back to a time when The king was changing the direction of his Recordings, creating some of the best "style" of his career.more
Updated: Nov 11, 2001
Unless you are in the great circumstances that you know a very experienced Memphis-visitor, who really knows a lot about Elvis, there's only one real solution: Memphis Elvis-Style.more
Updated: May 1, 2001 Shop
No this is not our Seasnon's Greeting to you but a short review of a short, yet special, CD.more
Updated: Dec 15, 2004
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