"Schüller does a great job at pinpointing the characters of the major players, right down to Frau Pieper's unfriendly nature and the interplay between the German police and CIA agents is often quite comical. This book is a steal at just 11 euro.more
Updated: Aug 29, 2002
A site claiming to offer "all an Elvis fans wants" caught our attention of course. We asked ourselves the question "Does it really?"more
Updated: Feb 27, 2000
The world, as millions of Elvis fans knew it, came to an end in late 1957. Elvis Presley received his draft notice ordering him to report for service on December 20th. The draft board would agree to postpone his induction until March 24, 1958 so he could finish the movie, King Creole. Elvis would serve in the army for two years and be honorably discharged on March 2, 1960.more
Updated: Jul 2, 2008
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FTD did release a real classic album recently. The soundtrack of Elvis’ fourth movie, King Creole, is now available as a 2CD in the classy 7” format.more
Updated: Jun 16, 2015
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Single #9 in the 2007 single re-issue series from BMG U.K.more
Updated: Oct 2, 2007
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After being merely occupied with technical stuff behind this site for more than two weeks, I finally found the time to put down my thoughts on the last FTD release I received, the book/CD King Creole – The Musicmore
Updated: Oct 1, 2010
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Anne E. Nixon collected her memories of the 40 or so Vegas shows she attended and wrote them all down in a book, together with Richard Harvey. Is it worth getting?more
Updated: Dec 19, 2014
For those that want to have everything there will be no doubt, they’ll buy it anywhere. People that are “spoiled” by soundboard recordings, but willing to think over a good audience show, can go for it too. It is a pretty good show, in audible quality.more
Updated: Feb 7, 2003
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Local author documents Elvis Presley’s travels through Texas in new book.more
Updated: Jan 25, 2009
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We were a little afraid that this site will be grist on the mill of the "Elvis Is Alive"-idiots.more
Updated: Jan 16, 2000
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