On April 4, 1977, Ed Bonja sat on the edge of the bed in his fourth floor Hilton hotel room. He was sick. He had just stayed up all night and lost $12,000 gambling with "The Colonel" Tom Parker. And his girlfriend had left him for his hometown preacher.more
Updated: Nov 5, 2005
Nearly 40 years after Ed Sullivan introduced the Beatles to America on live national television, middle-aged baby boomers who shrieked and swooned over the Fab Four can relive that moment again and again -- and with better reception.more
Updated: Nov 20, 2002
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Recently the Audionics label released a soundboard recording of Elvis’ gig in El Paso on June 2nd, 1976. Here is our verdict.more
Updated: Jan 15, 2005
An overview of the chart listing of the ELV1S 30 #1 Hits in the charts by country.more
Updated: Feb 15, 2003
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Had enough of Elvis? I didn't think so. Neither does his record label RCA, which gave us a boxed set, "Today, Tomorrow & Forever," in time for Elvis Week and now offers "Elv1s: 30 #1 Hits,".more
Updated: Sep 21, 2002
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It took some waiting, and many people are still wondering why this CD was not released at a date closer to the 25th Anniversary, but finally the CD arrived and we are able to check if all the hype around it is appropriate.more
Updated: Sep 24, 2002
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Although Elvis fans were likely thrilled with the CD version of the "30 #1" album, this DVD-Audio version's marvelous sound quality and subtle, enjoyable 5.1 mixes provide a new, even more enjoyable way to experience these songs. Some supplements would have been nice.more
Updated: Jan 12, 2003
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This collection has been extended to thirty-one by including songs that topped the country, R&B and the U.K. pop charts. Not that anyone will complain about having thirty-one songs of this caliber on a single CD. Even Elvis might want to re-enter the building for a bargain like that.more
Updated: Oct 4, 2002
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What can we say about this one, it is a special edition, so the collectors will probably get it (if only to see their name in an official Elvis release). The average fan will get a nice bonus promo CD for the Follow That Dream label ...more
Updated: Nov 10, 2003
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I have been quite critical of some of the tracks of the CD of this release but please don’t let that put you off, as the (sound)quality of this DVDA may just give us a taste of the future and much to discuss.more
Updated: Dec 1, 2002
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