Elvis is very at ease and is clearly ‘having fun on stage’. In the ballads he proves his vocal abilities, in the rock and roll songs his energy. Perhaps a bit too much, since these are very fast. This release is better than the 1990 version.more
Updated: Dec 6, 2002
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Universal decided to pick a grain with all the attention for the 25th anniversary and released one of Elvis’ latter movies on DVD.more
Updated: Oct 4, 2002
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Not too long ago FTD/ Flaming Star did another book release, this time handling Elvis' last movie, the one with the weird hair: Change of Habit.more
Updated: Aug 8, 2015
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When I first heard of this book, I thought “another idiot who talked to him recently”. I could not be further from the truth. Allen J. Wiener delivered a book on all of Elvis’ TV-work.more
Updated: Nov 28, 2014
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This fourth Straight Arrow release contains an unreleased audience recorded version of Elvis' infamous concert in College Park, Maryland. Was it a chaos on stage?more
Updated: Oct 5, 2006
You were able to give your opinion on a possible single release to raise funds for the victims of the tragedy in the United States on September 11, 2001.more
Updated: Oct 1, 2001
In their continuous series Memory Records released a soundboard containing the July 24, 1976 evening show.more
Updated: Oct 19, 2003
In cooperation with Elvis unlimited Sweden we offered you the possibility to ask Charlie Hodge a question. Here are some of your questions and Charlie's answers.more
Updated: Mar 17, 2005
One of Elvis better movies, even if this movie has the look and feel of a spaghetti western. The picture quality of this release is poor.more
Updated: Nov 10, 2001
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On one hand it is great to have another Elvis’ movie on DVD (one of his better 60’s roles, at least in my opinion), on the other, both picture and (especially) sound quality makes you hate it. As one of the very few advantages of this DVD is its price.more
Updated: Mar 8, 2003
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