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Scotty Moore & D.J Fontana Live In Concert

Aug 25, 2003
Recently a recording of a show by Scotty and D.J. in 1993 during a British fanclub festival was released on DVD.


We can be very short about that. There is no design. Not only not for the cover, but also not for the DVD itself. No menu, no chapters, no nothing. As a matter of fact you have an exact copy of a videotape on a silver disc (the copyright warning is even mentioning “this video tape”). Pretty irritating you can’t use skip, but have to use the old fashioned fast forward instead. When you’re stupid enough to press the menu button halfway the show, your only option is “Play again”…. Indeed from the start.


It’s fun to have a "pretty recent" recording of these two legends available. But let’s be honest, they are only legends because they were the sidemen of. Still we have a pretty fine collection of songs on this disc, performed in a neat way. Jenson Bloomer took care of the vocals, and as most fans know, he is pretty capable of doing that. A very big pro is that he doesn’t need a wig or jumpsuit to deliver a good impression of how the music should be, something most impersonators fail to do.
The show is taped with one camera, but it doesn’t get too boring because of the music of course, and they used the zoom option cleverly. It is funny to see that a quite some fans looked as if it was a punishment to be there, especially since the English audience was known to be one of the most enthusiastic during the recent tour of “Elvis The Concert”.


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