Profile Of The King '68 - '77

Mar 4, 2001
Profile Of The King '68 - '77
"It wasn't until I gained access to the internet some time ago that I realized what a valuable resource it was, in terms of informing the fans about the vast amount of Elvis CD's and Videos that were actually available to the Elvis collector. Most of the material I mention being unofficial (or bootleg) CD's and videos there are probably many fans who still don't know just what a wealth of Elvis material is actually out there". The profile of this website by ElvisNews en ElvisFind: Design The site has a 'black and white' feel over it. The images which are part of the design are black and white, the images which are part of the content have colour. Throughout most pages the design is maintained, but on some pages we see some changes that don't really fit in. The (font)colours on the site match each other and are used consequently and sometimes we see some different fonts which probably aren't supposed to be there. Navigation is easy, each page has the same structure which makes it easy to navigate. On most pages you can get back to the main page with the menu. This has a "latest updates" button which comes in handy on a site with this content. The webmaster forgot to add an index-file in the root of his site, that made it easy for us to to see the structure. The webmaster offers some explanation to a very irritating banner, a nice service. Rating: 7/10 Content There are several items on this site, but the focus lies on the years 1968 - 1977. The webmaster picked a highlight for every year and focuses on that with text and images. Each year has that one thing we all know by heart, 1968 - The Comeback Special, 1972 Madison Square Garden, 1973 - Hawaii, 1977 - the CBS Special. He also adds CD's or movies on which the highlights can be found, both official and import releases. Besides the items by year, there also are some specific items, like a photo gallery, some wallpapers, jumpsuit central, an overview of import releases and a links page. The jumpsuit central has about seventy jumpsuits, they all open in new windows, but without any design, why not make the background black so it matches the design of the site and some additional information like a date beside the image of when Elvis wore the several suits. The photo gallery has some nice images and is presented in a neatly designed way. The overview of imports has some information on various types of film footage, this item still has to be finished we think. Rating: 7/10 Conclusion Overall we can conclude that this site has some great potential and the webmaster has a realistic view on what's around and what he can add to Elvis on the WWW. Now he presents information which is also available elsewhere on the web with some additions and a consequent setup. Therefore we'd like to reward him with our one star award and we hope this encourages him to continue.
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