Presley's Pride Website

Nov 19, 2000
Presley's Pride Website
Design The site is built in tables with different background colours. The site loads pretty fast, except the gallery. The way the gallery is constructed makes it slow. The preview images are the actual images you get when you click on a preview. The speed of the site is also due to the fact that there aren't many images on the site, beside on the gallery. Navigation is easy, the menu is always on the left. There's not much more to tell about the design, it's clear and easy to navigate. The site has a ".com" address, but the pages don't stay in a main frame. Rating: 7/10 Content The image gallery has some nice photo's of Lisa Marie, but unfortunately the text "Presley's pride" is through each of them. We don't think these images are the copyright of this webmistress and it makes it very unpleasant to look at the images. We can understand adding a webaddress to an image, but do it at a less disturbing place. The message board is a free one on a different site with a different design and not all postings load the first time. But the idea is nice and people seem to react on each other's messages. The FAQ is a copy of an email sent out by EPE some time ago, reacting on rumours about Lisa Marie being pregnant and questions regarding her upcoming album. The BIO has a clear structure, and the idea of presenting it in audio is great. But the downloads are big (e.g. over 330 Kb for 9 seconds for "Owns EPE"). Perhaps it's an idea to use RealAudio for this. The text is too big for the table which breaks out of it's design on this page. The mail link isn't a mail link, but a link to a service to obtain a free email address. The way it is presented in the menu is a little confusing. The link page contains links to the complete (former) Presley family, Elvis, Priscilla and Lisa Marie. Rating: 5/10 Conclusion: Putting it all together, not all items of the menu are what they appear to be. The pictures are the most interesting part of this site. We especially missed the latest news on Lisa Marie as an item. The site has a good design, there are some good ideas on the site, but they need to be worked out further. For now the site doesn't stand out from other Lisa Marie Presley sites. Well that's not exactly true, this site offers a lot more than the official site ....
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