Presley Family Website

Jul 17, 2000
Presley Family Website
Unfortunately when we tried to visit the "to be"-site, we couldn't go back because the link wasn't working. Without kidding, our infamous back-button on the browser worked out, and since it was only the Lisa-part of the site, we will forget it. Design On first sight the page is tasteful, mainly black with white text. It's easy on the eye and even easier to read. Upon really entering the family-part you'll get a standard frame set, with at the top a choice between Elvis, Lisa Marie and Priscilla and at the left a submenu for your "victim". The content part of the site is a little small, and because of that you'll need to scroll horizontally through some pages (e.g. Glen Hardin Interview). And every content page has another background colour, which looks a little inconsistent. Overall the navigation is good, although… we miss our beloved back button. On this site it isn't really a disaster, because there's only one extra menu, but for the record we mention it. Except the missing link me mentioned in the intro, there's also one with the Lisa Marie-biography. The external English page doesn't exist anymore. Also there are some (unmentioned) external links in the menu, while there is a separate linkspage. The Priscilla part of the site does break out of the frames completely, and it is - again - impossible to return to the mainpage, because that seems to be renamed. So we had to use the navigator's back button once again. Another little minor is the use of German and English on one page, we'd prefer a language switch somewhere on the site. The use of fontcolours to distinguish the languages looks a little messy. Rating 6/10 Content This site offers some good reading, sometimes (unfortunately) only in German. The personal experiences and thoughts of the web mistress (and sometimes her friends), are fun to relive. Obviously Claudia, the web mistress, only likes Elvis in the 60's, since there are titles for the other two decades of Elvis' career, but no links. There isn't really much information about Elvis on this site, and a little more about Lisa and Priscilla. There are some good pictures, especially of one of Claudia's friends J. Just kidding, The Concert section and the Memphis section give some nice impressions, while the interviews are interesting. In general you can say this site is quite different from the average Elvis-site, and probably that's why it's worth a visit for sure. Rating 7/10 Advise Except the comments we had on the design part, of which most can be solved pretty easily, there isn't much to say. Claudia obviously made up her mind how she wants her site, and she did so. When everything is in place, it might be an interesting one to check out every now and then.
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