Plastic Surgery On

Jun 12, 2000
Plastic Surgery On
For the second time we've done some altering on our site. Not radically this time, but we think we give a better overview on the pages now. Not everything is implemented yet, we decided to do it step by step. This way our visitors will have as little as possible trouble while browsing our site, and it gives us some time to complete the transition. Like with plastic surgery, the inside remains the same. We created a little more space for our articles, resulting in less longer pages. Also the 'services' at the left are clearly separated by headers now. At the right you see our picks from the huge collection at Amazon's, giving the site a more dynamic look, and hopefully a little backup to us. We have the same services as before, extended with two new ones. We added a discussion board, in the form of an email-list. This is a replacement for the former 'Elvis-coollist'. Secondly we are glad to announce we tightened our co-operation with ElvisFind, the Elvis-websites search engine. Both and ElvisFind exclusively exchanged their search engines to serve our visitors who are either looking for a specific type of information or website. They can now easily access the content of both sites. The co-operation with ElvisFind will also result in a lower frequency of website reviews by us, since ElvisFind specializes in reviews and our reviews usually match. We will do them in the future, but only by special request by either ElvisFind or the specific webmaster or when our review-team feels like it. We enjoyed doing them on a weekly basis, but by now we have the feeling we are repeating ourselves too often. All positive reactions and the amount of visits to our award page shows that our efforts are valued highly, and we are thankful for that. Of course we'll keep the old reviews aboard. We are glad to announce we have a new regular to take the empty space of the weekly review: the Picture of the Week. Every week one picture will be picked and showed with some background information. Also our overview of 'the charts' (formerly known as 'the lists') will be extended: to the top 5's instead of only the first 3.
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