On The Screen

Jun 27, 2005
On The Screen
Released in the import circuit is an Elvis video clip compilation titled “On The Screen”. This time no home made clips, but fragments from Elvis' movies. Design The DVD comes in a three panel digi pack with Elvis from “Love Me Tender” on the cover and inside three poses from “Jailhouse Rock”. On the backside more movie shots. So far so good … when we played the DVD we saw the producers didn’t make the effort to create a real menu. We only see “Untitled track1” and “Chapter #1”, “Chapter #2” with automated screenshots. When taking the effort to compile and release an import DVD why not make a little effort to finish the product. Content The DVD contains 34 tracks from Elvis movies. Or to put it differently 34 rips from various (quality) sources put together in random order. The idea is a nice one, but the work from the producers of this DVD isn't. Although we’re not a big fan of his movie music, he did make some nice “clips”. The producers only used a few movies, focussing on the Rock And Roll Years, and no concert movie like “On Tour” or “That’s The Way It Is”. Why no one else ever came up with the idea to put the best performances on one disc will remain a mystery, but finally we have an entertaining disc we can put on when having a party. Or can’t we … the producers used various sources, and not all are good quality DVD rips. We even saw some Asian characters on some bad looking clips, probably rips from Video CDs. Conclusion A nice idea, a nice package, but unfortunately the producers didn’t use the best sources available and did not make the effort to edit the beginnings and the ends of the movie fragments. Let’s hope we get a good video compilation someday.
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