N.Y. 72

Jun 11, 2005
N.Y. 72
Released by Elvis Unlimited is the book / CD combination “N.Y. 72”. Design This release can be considered a book with a CD or a CD with a big booklet; we choose for the book. The cover covers the content, a picture of Elvis doing the press conference for his appearances at the Madison Square Garden. The 32 pages book comes on high quality paper with a plastic sleeve in the back that holds a great looking picture CD. Content The booklet contains many pictures from the press conference and the concert itself. The pictures of the concert are made by Norwegian fan Odd Guldbrandsen in June 1972. Material like this is very rare, so it is nice to actually see more pictures of the fans in the venue and Elvis on the stage and back stage. The CD contains the complete press conference, and if we say complete we mean complete, the CD takes a while to start because we only hear the tape running. The package is a nice complete timepiece, what would have made this package more complete would be an (additional) DVD with the press conference (instead of a CD). Also a nice addition would be a transcript of the press conference to accompany the photos, the cover art of the various concert releases and concert reviews. Conclusion An interesting release, especially picture wise, since not much material of the actual content is available (anymore). Audio wise this release holds nothing new.
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