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Most Famous Hits

Apr 26, 2003
Recently released is this budget DVD “Most famous Hits”. It contains most of Elvis' fifties television appearances. Is this release a good alternative for the very expensive “TV Show Live Collection”.


This DVD has the same design as the 2 CD release with the same title from a few years back. The simple black design actually looks o.k. The menu is basic, but that makes navigation easy. There is one mistake, clicking on “Concert” you get a documentary first, why not make a separate menu-option for that?


The DVD contains a documentary, Elvis fifties television appearances and a biography in text. Is there anything new on this release? No unfortunately not. The documentary has been released on other video’s and DVD’s before, and the television appearances were released on the before mentioned Japanese DVD, including the titles for each new song. It seems to miss one version of “Heartbreak Hotel” in the track listing, but it is on the DVD. This edition doesn’t have the Japanese subtitles though.

The quality is the same as on the Japanese release, and okay to look at. Keep in mind that these images are copies from television broadcasts in the fifties. It are archive copies filmed in black and white from a monitor.


This DVD is a good addition to any Elvis collection. The appearances by Elvis are classic and show the rockin’ rebel in his rise to fame. The overview is complete.
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