Project Increase began with the Australian Elvis Information Network, which has been working with BMG Australia to compile a listing of all of Elvis' Australian gold records.more
Updated: Nov 29, 1999
Elvis Presley never performed a concert in Europe in his long singing career, but that unfortunate oversight apparently is helping to stoke the burnin' flames of desire for all things Elvis in Europe.more
Updated: Oct 21, 2007
Well what more can I say ... it felt as if Elvis was really in the building: An excellent job chaps, take a bow.more
Updated: Jun 8, 2003 Shop
On May 15 the Belgian Fanclub ElvisMatters brought together Joe Guercio, a 75 piece orchestra and Mondo Carne’s Jenson Bloomer and Tony Smith in Mol.more
Updated: May 16, 2004
I have an Elvis memorabilia book that claims only three were printed, and calls the banners the rarest pieces of 1970s concert memorabilia. The example shown in the book is claimed to be the only documented banner still in existence… and it is not mine.more
Updated: Dec 5, 2002
The Belgian Elvis Matters organized their 20th concert in the -only- three years of their existence.more
Updated: Oct 12, 2006
Music fans know that numerous legendary performers and performances have taken place at Dodger Stadium, beginning with The Beatles on August 28, 1966, to Elton John on October 25-26, 1975, to the heavenly voices of 'Encore -- The Three Tenors' concert on July 16, 1994.
But, not many aficionados would know that in 1966, another famous American idol was at Dodger Stadium; Elvis was at the parking lots for three days to film sequences simulating road races in Spinout, his 22nd feature movie.more
Updated: Oct 3, 2007
The 2001 has a magic ring in the ears of the Elvis fans who all know the opening theme of Elvis' seventies shows. But was 2001, the year Elvis would have become 65, also a "magic" year?more
Updated: Jan 1, 2002
We received quite a few mails from readers asking for an overview of the highest chart positions of 'A Little Less Conversation'. On the Dutch Junkie XL fan site we found this overview which we could use.more
Updated: Sep 25, 2002 Shop
The first twenty minutes of the documentary deals with the phenomena of impersonating and is more or less interesting. The second part, unfortunately about 100 minutes, is only interesting for freaks.more
Updated: Jul 1, 2000
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