By David NealeAug 29, 2002
Spring 1959, Elvis rents a house in Bad Nauheim in Hessen, Germany. There Elvis lives a quiet life ... or not? Suddenly, on the left side of the street a flaming white light, near the BMW. Agent Summers saw a flash coming from the light hitting a tree near the BMW. A hit on Elvis in the middle of the night. And while the American secret service tries to keep a lid on this, Agent Pete Summers becomes Elvis bodyguard. "Schüller does a great job at pinpointing the characters of the major players, right down to Frau Pieper's unfriendly nature and the interplay between the German police and CIA agents is often quite comical. He also develops the fans' attitudes, interactions and feelings well, and manage to control the development of a story, which could so easily have become utterly confusing. The beginning is a tad slow and plodding, but once underway, the story develops nicely and Schüller manages to weave fact and fiction into a believable whole. When the story seems to have reached its end, Schüller adds a little extra, which is too good to give away in a review, but might well have some readers pondering on what actually happened... Schüller is surprisingly not a child of the times, having been born in 1960. He did, however, take advice from people who were in Bad Nauheim at the time and even from fans who waited outside Elvis's house there. Two prior crime novels, "Jazz" and "Killer" (the first of which also had a musical theme), provide a good pedigree for this German writer. The book has a great cover, too, so if you understand German, this is a steal at just 11 euro."
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