Keep Him In Mind

Jan 30, 2000
Keep Him In Mind
This week we take a closer look at a site we kept in our mind for some time now. André Mester's "Keep Him In Mind" website. Design The site opens with a startpage, something most sites skip these days since visitors bookmark the page where the real content starts. The startpage is made at a 1024 x 678 resolution. Looked at it through a 800x600 resolution, a part of the image is off-screen. The entry-page (with only one image) could easily be centered so the effect would be the same in all resolutions. "Keep Him In Mind" has a simple and effective navigationstructure. A menu on the left, and content on the right, and sometimes a submenu when it is useful. The coloursetting is black, with blue buttons and an easily readable font in various colours. In the bootleg overviews at the MultiMediaVault André uses a very consistent way of listing the information and links, in other parts of his site he is not always consequent in the use of background- and fontcolours in his tables. On each separate page things are pretty clear, but it is not "a whole". It's a pity that sometimes links disappear because the JavaScript is using black as a colour against the black background. The webmaster made the effort to register the title as an URL. This looks like a "standard" for German Elvis sites since more German webmasters do this. Then it's a shame he doesn't use a frameset to keep all pages in the same frame and the title of the site (URL) in the addressbar. Rating: 8/10 Content The most important part of the content are the full import CD's available on this site. A big plus is the fact that the webmaster didn't just drop a huge pile of RealAudio and RealVideo on the server, but he reviewed all CD's and Video's, giving some very informative background information. André also has made a database to register your own bootlegs, of which you can download a demoversion. Andre likes all help he can get to generate a complete database. The covercentre, a cooperation with "Steamrolling over Finland" is a nice part of the site, especially when you're downloading your audio from the web. The only problem is that there are no previews. When you click on a title you start to download the images. One of the menu items, the "Import time Table" is a link to another German site which opens in a new window. Perhaps it's an idea to inform the surfers about that. Though very short, the links page has a comment on each link, which we appreciate. The fact that we are not listed is a big minor. The webmaster is proud of his work, which is showed by the use of the vote button for Elvis Scores on every page, with a plea to vote. Especially all the info on the bootlegs will give Andre a high score on the content. Rating: 9/10 We can't say much more about this site except the little minors we mentioned above. We hope Andre has enough space and time to add at least more reviews and possibly more audio and perhaps in another format. We'd like to congratulate André with our 3 Star Award.
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