Just Elvis

Aug 25, 2002
Just Elvis
For the 25th Anniversary Now Dig This, publisher of the fantastic magazine The Man And His Music, published this photo album with pictures of Just Elvis. Design Sometimes the book gives a bit messy impression because of the lay-out. Although it is printed on glossy paper, the picture quality isn’t always good, which is a pity, especially in the color section. A very good point is the additive information throughout the sections in which the book is divided. Content As mentioned, the special is divided in several chapters, the titles like “Vegas ‘56”, “TV Times”, “When Pres Met The Pres”, all speak for themselves. Like we are used from the magazine, this special has some rare pictures in it. Toppers are in our opinion the colour pictures from the Press conference in San Francisco, 1957.Among the rarities you’ll find some fitting better known pictures too. Conclusion All in all this special is a nice addition to one’s collection. When you are tired of thumbing through it, you can always use the marvelous picture at the back (Vegas 1969) as a poster. For a pretty fair price (£ 9.99- £ 12.99, depending on your location) you can get this photo album.
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