Interview With Carol

Jan 9, 2000
Interview With Carol
Can you share a little about your- self with us? My name is Carol, I was born in Kingsburg, California and have lived here most of my life, moving to Palm Springs, CA in the '70's and Napa, Ca. in the '80's. My husband and I own our own business in Fresno, CA and I enjoy gardening and my hus-band and I enjoy golfing. How did you became an Elvis-fan? I first became a fan During the '50's when I first heard his music my interest was certainly aroused because I have always loved music. But when I saw him on TV for the first time, that was it! I was hooked for life. You seem to have a huge collection yourself. How did you build it up in the pre-internet area? My collection is relatively small in comparison to most collectors, but I kept a lot of things over the years. Knowing what I know now, I should have collected more! Plus, I traded pictures with other fans over the years. What, in general, your favorite Elvis-stuff? My favorite would have to be the pictures of Elvis and I together. (two of which I am attaching) I have 8 x 10's that he autographed for me. and then second would be my scarf that he gave me from one of his concerts that still has his sweat stains all over it. I cherish his music, and have a lot of his original 45's and albums. But I do treasure my memories of the time spent with him. Name your favorite Elvis-song, -movie and -album. That's difficult. It depends on my mood. I still get chills when I hear "Don't Be Cruel" because it brings back many wonderful memories of my childhood and the many times I danced to that record. I just love that Beat! And then when I'm in a pensive mood, I love "Don't". My favorite album would be the "Sun Sessions" because that was the raw, pure Elvis before the Military "tamed" him. My favorite movies are all the pre- Army day movies one special one would have to be "Jailhouse Rock", when he and Judy Tyler get in an argument on the sidewalk outside her parent's house. I adore that scene. What is your favorite Elvis site? I work on my computer at work, but I don't spend much free time on it as I have many other things going on, so I am not very familiar with the Elvis sites, Sorry. Do you use the Internet for Elvis and other things? I have made a new year's resolution to learn more about the Internet and use the Internet more. Is it okay to place your picture with this article? (Ed. Yes PLEASE, one with Elvis :-)) Yes, I would be honored. The two of Elvis and I was taken August 21, 1970, in his dressing room at the International Hotel (now known as the Hilton). Elvis kissed me and after he kissed me, he said to Joe Esposito who had my camera, "Did you get that picture Joe?" Joe said, "I didn't know you wanted me to Boss", then Elvis said, "yes, I wanted you to, lets do it again". I said to Elvis, " gee I never had a audience before". So Elvis took me into another room, kissed me again and Joe snapped this picture. Of coarse I didn't mind that at all! But I have to say that my knees felt like they were going to buckle and I'm sure Elvis felt my heart pounding. The other photo is a recent picture of me that was taken by Bev when we went out to lunch. I still can't believe this girl from a town of 3,500, and thousands miles away from Memphis, got to meet Elvis Presley and become his friend. It was a dream come true. I know I am very, very lucky and I am very thankful. The one Sandi wanted to ask us, exactly in her words: "What is your favorite memory of time spent with Elvis in Palm Springs?" Well, actually, I have two. The first one would be regarding the "Aloha Special". It was originally shown in January via Satellite around the world. Then they re-ran it in the U.S. the following November. I was living in Palm Springs at the time and Elvis just happened to be at his Palm Springs house during the re-run. So I was very fortunate to be at the house sitting next to him and watching it with him. There were probably 8 people at the house that night. He was telling all of the things that happened that we didn't see on TV. Elvis was very tuned in on things and he knew every spot where someone made a mistake, such as the symbols at the wrong time, etc. When it was over, we applauded and he stood up, took a bow, and said, "Oh, it was nothing!" (only shown to over a billion people World-Wide and the first time a show had ever gone via satellite!) but I loved his sense of humor, It was one of the most becoming things about him. The other time was at the Palm Springs house and it was just him and me sitting on the sofa in his den. He was in a sort of blue and in rather a quiet mood and all of a sudden he just started singing, "A Man Without Love", a cappella. It was just beautiful and very moving. I still get chills when I think about it. I also spent time with him at two of his homes in Hollywood and also in the suite in Las Vegas, but we'll save a few of those stories for another time. There are many wonderful memories. Is there anything else you want to get rid of? We all know that Elvis had a beautiful voice and a beautiful face, but I want people to know that Elvis had a beautiful soul. He was very intelligent, he had the most wonderful sense of humor and he loved to have fun. But most of all, he was a gentleman. It breaks my heart to hear all of the horrible things said about him by people that were close to him and knew better. They just did it for monetary purposes because "Good" supposedly doesn't sell. I am thankful to you for getting out the true stories of the 'REAL' Elvis. Thank you. Who do you think we should interview in the future, why, and which question should we certainly ask ? Since I do not know many people online, I know that Laura Lavin is writing a book about Elvis and the fans so I would like you to interview her because I think her book will be a very nice change from all the tell all books and I am looking forward to reading her book. The question I would like you to ask her is since she did a lot of research for her book and talked to a lot of fans, what is her overall impression of Elvis fans and what does she think of the fans loyalty towards Elvis? Carol, thank you for sharing your stories and pictures with us. Beverly, thank you for your contribution to realize this interview and the pictures.
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