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In The Eye Of The Storm

Aug 28, 2003
Out from Gear productions is the book (including a CD) "In The Eye Of The Storm". Well, book is a big word ...


This set was announced with "new book" and "booklet" in the press release. But when we received our copy it looked like a full colour edition of the Dutch fan club magazine "It's Elvis Time". The design of this "book" looks like a magazine too, unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a on overall designplan throughout the pages.

The CD included focuses on Elvis in 1955 and 1956 and it really looks like an Elvis fifties release. This was done very nicely.


This "book" contains a lot of old material, in part not strange given the timespan of it. A lot of photos, not all known to us, and interesting memorabilia. Unfortunately the scanning (or printing) of the images wasn't done very well, since the images are very grainy. The interviews in this magazine (we can't call it book one more time, even not between quotes) are old too. They date back to 1998 and can also be found on the Elvis Information Network website.

More interesting is the CD. Besides rumoured Elvis songs performed by the cover band Number 9 and some small items of "talking Elvis" we get the complete TV Guide interview from August 6, 1956.


What can we say, at the price of 22 Euro we paid a lot for the complete TV Guide interview and a fan club like magazine. Releasing the TV Guide interview with a normal slipcase would have allowed the producers to add a little booklet to the CD, and then it would have made a more attractive package.

If you decide to go for it, there are fanclubs selling it cheap, e.g. Elvis Matters in Belgium.

Updated August 29, we received an email from the designer Geert Hof that the Dutch It's Elvis Time fan club is not involved. We corrected that in the review.
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rik (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 1, 2003report abuse
Well I like this booklet and cd! What you want to pay for something is up to everybody personally. But many pictures I haven't seen before are here and many are here together (f.i. the audubon drive pics) the interviews are entertaining as are the eye witnesses and clippings. The cd is great with the number nine performances of rumored songs(if only...).

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