His Best Friend Remembers

Sep 12, 2002
His Best Friend Remembers
In the pile of 25th Anniversary releases, Joe Esposito had to have his share too, of course. A new documentary, promising new footage, was something to look forward to. Design This documentary has a very professional set-up. It is divided in several chapters, all put together with title-screens. Since we didn’t get the promised review copy, we have to do the review with a (borrowed) video, so we can’t go into the DVD-navigation and image quality. Content For most fans this set will be very disappointing. We only saw a few unseen fragments of footage and a few rare pictures. Since Joe has told his stories so many times before, we didn’t expect something new here, so the footage and pictures were all that we were hoping for. About the only really interesting content is the footage of those sad days in August 1977, showing news fragments and the reaction in the world on Elvis’ passing. Even sadder than those August days is the attention in the documentary for the more extreme Elvis-fans and the impersonators, which will underline the common thought about Elvis-fans (too fat, too old, too white, too embarrasing). The casual viewer will probably think that we are all idiots. Conclusion For the better informed fans this documentary will have nothing new. Joe’s stories are interesting and told in an entertaining way in general. So if you haven’t them already somewhere else you might want to have this one. Don’t buy it in the hope to see or hear many new things, you will be disappointed.
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