Aug 27, 2000
This DVD is a transition to the digital DVD media of the original video which you can buy at Graceland. It offers you the opportunity to take your personal Graceland tour visiting parts of the mansion not available in the "live" tour. Besides the opportunity to look around Graceland you see home movies and photos of life at Graceland: Elvis (and his family) riding horses, celebrating Christmas, driving karts on the lawn and so on. The final part of the DVD consists of four complete performances of Elvis from the 68 Comeback Special, Aloha From Hawaii and his final 1977 concert tour. It's a shame that on a release like this not more original music of Elvis can be heart. We understand the copyright problems, but a release from the company which keeps Elvis' legacy and heritage alive, should feature the "real" music. And now we're on the music, what's the purpose of these live recordings on a disc with Elvis Graceland Mansion as a subject? We guess to add some time to the video / DVD or to get fans to buy it. The bonus features on this disc are: Elvis army interview; Interactive menu's and chapter search; A screensaver for PC and Mac; Elvis internet recourses. A pity that the last two items are only available when you have a DVD-player in your computer.
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