Girls' Guide To Elvis

Feb 18, 2001
Girls' Guide To Elvis
There are a lot of specialised sites on Elvis on the Internet, covering the movies, the concerts, the lyrics, or the news. This list is about endless, and the site we take a closer look on now is specialised in the "Girl's view on Elvis". "Who cares about recording session dates? Let's examine hairstyles and clothes..." is what they state in the intro. Let's see if it gives an interesting result. Design The first thing that attracts the eye is the pink style of the site, probably because it was one of Elvis' favourite colours, or might it be because it looks "girlish"? Well, it doesn't matter really, because when you are used to it after a couple of seconds, it creates an easy look on the eye, except that the links (and some other pink text) on the white background might not have enough contrast for a lot of people. Immediately after the colour setting the huge menu demands attention. You need quite some time to study the available items. When you're at the 6th or 7th, you already forgot what the first one was. In other words, the menu is way too long. A pity, since some nice content might be missed because of that. Submenus for some categories might be a good solution. Reading your way through the site you might mention that the webmasters spacebar is probably broken, since a lot of spaces are missing, especially near hyperlinks, something that can easily be repaired (the pages, not the spacebar that is) but for now it is devaluating the design unnecessarily. Except for the huge menu overall site navigation is about perfect. The button style menu is inserted in every single page, while text based links to the same menu items are at the bottom of each page. When appropriate there are internal links in the text too. The pictures used on the site are of good quality and not too big, nor too many, so the speed of the site is great. Rating: 8/10 Content The site content is for a large part based upon interviews (a lot with Elvis himself), books and so on. This way of working creates a good picture, based upon facts. Disregarding the statement in their introduction the girls do have interested in Elvis' career too. Sections for records and movies are available. The long menu already suggests there is a lot of info, and there is, Elvis on Girls, Girls on Elvis, Elvis' Hair, Elvis' Closet, in fact it is too much to summarise, you'll have to take a look yourself. The links page is as we like them to see, not only a plain list, but also telling you what to expect. Very special on this site is that on every subject page they have links to related webpages, a great solution! Concluding on the content we can only say that you need to have the time when visiting the site. Browsing and reading the content you will easily forget it. Rating: 9/10 Conclusion The conclusion can only be that an Elvis fan, whether boy or girl, has to visit this site. The way it is now is already worth our 3 Star Award, while the design can easily be improved further. We'd like to congratulate "The Girl's Guide to Elvis Presley" with a terrific performance; it does give an interesting result!
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