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Follow That Dream Catalogue

Oct 17, 2004
Elvis Unlimited published a Follow That Dream catalogue. The label approaches its 40th release in five years time bringing us fan many collectable songs and performances.

The catalogue starts with the story of the label and contains a chronologic overview of the releases on this label, some misprints and preliminary artwork which didn’t make it to the publisher. Some did make it to the world wide web, but we saw several new ones. We miss the latest release and the FTD promo that was released by the label.

The interview with Ernst Jorgensen clearly shows the label has a lot of ambitions and works together with well known collectors. Unfortunately he gives away only one hint on a possible future release. A tape of the “Million Dollar Session” has been found which is of better audio quality for some of the parts of the recording. Ernst hinted that this “is a very likely addition to the FTD label at a later stage”.

Browsing through the pages we see how lucky we Elvis are to have a label, and producers, like this. We may not like every release that comes out, taste differs, but we are sure glad to be able to add each new release to our collection.

You receive this catalogue for free when you order a Follow That Dream release from Elvis Unlimited.
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glennd (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 26, 2004report abuse
Thanks to everyone who is working for the Ftd label. The catalogue is a pleasure for every fan. Soon there will be a expaneded edition because the release will go on and on. TCB.
CD King (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 11, 2004report abuse
Bravo Ernst Jorgensen, Henriks Knudsen, Lars Gjeding and all at ELVIS UNLIMITED. This is truly a superb Catalogue- every page is printed in full Color and on Glossy quality paper. A Real Super Collectors' Treasure. Don't miss this gem!
Gladyslove (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 25, 2004report abuse
You can get the catalogue from ELVIS UNLIMITED if you don´t buy your FTD CD´s there. That´s what the write at there internet site. I think it cost about 4 Euro.
Elvisly yours
clemente (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 19, 2004report abuse
is very very good

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