Elvis Trivia III

By Lea FrydmanMay 7, 2000
Elvis Trivia III
Elvis Quotes "My music appeals to teenagers because it's strongly emotional. When rock-n-roll dies out another type of emotional music is going to take its place. Then I can sit on my back porch at Graceland and remember the good ol' days." Little Known Facts As if millions of Elvis' fans did not already know it! Elvis Presley is officially The King! Recently BMG audited worldwide sales of all Elvis song titles, dating back to 1956. Then posthumously and officially BMG awarded Elvis Presley the world Number One recording artists with 110 Gold Records to his name. By comparison The King's nearest contenders are the Beatles with 41 titles, The Rolling Stones with 39 then Barbra Streisand and Elton John with 37 a piece. The Weird And Wonderful Just months after the Elvis Stamp was released on January 8, 1993, Graceland was sued by a crazed fan who claimed he contracted throat cancer after licking hundreds of Elvis Stamps. Thousands of US fans are posting letters to unknown addresses so that their Elvis Stamp envelop will bear the 'Return to Sender" post office mark, and hence become a collector's item.
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