Elvis Trivia II

By Lea FrydmanApr 30, 2000
Elvis Trivia II
Elvis Quotes "People who read sex into my music have dirty minds. I've always lived a straight, clean life. I don't set any kind of bad example." Past Times In the winter of 1971, John Lennon visited Elvis at Graceland and offered him a song he had written called, Imagine based on a poem by Yoko Ono. After hearing it Elvis suggested John record the song, believing it would boost the ex-Beatles flagging musical career. Little Known Facts Elvis was aware that his career as a movie star was going nowhere. And that Hollywood would not be offering him any great roles. Just before his untimely death, Elvis was seriously considering producing his own movies. The first film was to teach teenagers that Karate and Martial Arts could bring harmony between body & mind. The Weird And Wonderful Despite what Priscilla Presley claims in her autobiography and telemovie, Elvis and Me, Elvis did want more children. After Lisa Marie was born he sought the advice of a Numerologist (Elvis was a true 9) to calculate his chances of a male heir to the throne. Had Lisa Marie been a boy, the child would have been named John Baron Presley.
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