Elvis Trivia I

By Lea FrydmanApr 23, 2000
Elvis Trivia I
Elvis Quotes "I don't know what I wanted to do as a kid. But I used to pray to God that I'd amount to something some day. I never dreamed that something like this would happen." Past Times April 1,1956. Elvis made his first screen test, performing a scene from The Rainmaker. Ironically, April Fool's Day could now be seen as a prelude to his whole movie career. Little Known Facts Another Elvis biography has surfaced. The Boy Who Would Be King by Earl Greenwood. The author claims to be second cousin to Elvis. Nothing could be further from the truth! Vester Presley, Elvis' 84 year-old uncle who worked at Graceland, adamantly refutes that he had a sister called, Dixie who Greenwood claims was his grandmother. According to Greenwood, Dixie was Vester and Vernon (Elvis' father) sister who contacted syphilis and died in a mental hospital, never to be spoken of again. "This Greenwood is in no way related to me or Elvis... He ain't got no Presley blood in him, that's for sure," says Vester. The Weird And Wonderful It took Eric Clapton 20 years to win 6 Grammy Awards. And it seemed to be no different for Elvis. In his lifetime, Elvis only won 3 Grammys. Best Sacred Performance 1967 For How Great Thou Art album. Best Inspirational Performance 1972 for He Touched Me album. Best Inspirational Performance Song 1974 for How Great Thou Art for Recorded Live in Memphis album. In 1993, Elvis posthumously won Best Rock Song for Hound Dog & Don't Be Cruel - 35 years after the fact!
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