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Mar 19, 2000
Elvis The King Website
Design The design is blue against a black background. There's a (long) menu on the right, but most items are grouped together like "audio", "video" and so on. There's a "last update" (also on sub-menu's) which is handy, certainly for a site with this kind of content (but more about that later). The lay-out is used throughout the entire site, which is nice for the eye (if you like blue) and a pro on navigation since you know where to find what on the page in front of you. Too bad the round curves aren't used around the entire screen, that would be more consequent, but then again, there are sites already which have that lay-out and variation in design is great for the websurfers. Looking at the navigation, that's easy, there's always a "back-button" to return where you came from, and when you descended a few levels each level has it's own (sub) menu. Two remarks have to be made here, not all submenu's are that logically, but we guess that's just an error (e.g. part 1 when it actually has to be part two). And some menu-items open in a new window with a different url, but are still a part of the same site, which has a few different registered url's (seems to be normal in Germany, we've seen this before). Another remark we have to make here is about the spelling errors on this page. There are quite a few of them there, understandable if English isn't your first language, but the same words sometimes spelled right, sometimes spelled wrong is strange. Or there have to be more webmasters working on different parts of the site. There are not many images on this site, which makes it easy to load. The images used (mainly in the lay-out / menu) are of low quality. This makes them load quick, but when they're visible you see the low quality, and that's a pity. The site is mainly in English, but few parts are in English and German. The last emark about the design is the use of different font sizes within some lists. Rating: 7/10 Content We can be brief about the content of this site, it offers a lot of audio / video downloads in various formats. The content consists of both BMG and import releases, so if you're looking for some releases this is one of the places to start. There's even a wishing well if the item you're looking for isn't online. Other content are a picture gallery with qood quality pictures, but we've seen them before (no sources), an online database of Elvis' recordings, but searching it doesn't result in something useful, or maybe we just don't get it. So a good explanation of how it works would be nice for dumb people like us. This is the only part of the site with a different design, probably due to the fact that the results are generated online. This site has not much information, there's the database we mentioned, some Billboard album charts, information about Elvis movies, and that's it. A nice idea are the on-line greeting cards. Great about the content is that everything is available for download, so if you've found something interesting you can save it for off-line use later. Rating: 7/10 Advise Try to make the menubuttons in a better quality, now the characters are blurred. Be sure the navigation is clear to the visitor, so don't open new windows when it is not necessary, that is very confusing. A good explanation of the database will make it probably more useful. A little checking on spelling and fontsize will easily lift the site to a higher level! Another one star award goes to Germany, Gratuliere !
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