Elvis The King In Hollywood

Nov 29, 2002
Elvis The King In Hollywood
The King in Hollywood, this is a title which makes you expect another Elvis movie trailer documentary. And this is ... not that. It is a new version in that genre; this documentary is build around movie stills. Cover Art The cover is simple, a shot of Elvis. You know the producers looked at the 'Today Tomorrow And Forever' box for the design, but they didn’t even copy the design of “Elvis” completely. The animated DVD menu is pretty complete and the quality of the image and sound is good. Content Why was this DVD released we ask ourselves. We get a two part documentary in which Elvis' story is told accompanied by movie stills. Besides that Elvis movie trailers are added (none from the seventies). The 'Elvis Lives' chapter should probably be 'Elvis Live' since it contains two clips of Elvis and Milton Berle on the U.S.S. Hancock. A Filmography and Elvis Trivia (not all correct) round up this release. Conclusion "What's New?" is the conclusion we have after watching this DVD. Although pretty complete by itself, it is a release in a long line of Elvis-movie-documentaries which adds nothing new. This DVD probably tries to cash in on Elvis' popularity and the power Elvis still has, selling almost anything with his name or image on it.
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