Elvis The King (Germany)

Jul 9, 2000
Elvis The King (Germany)
Design The site, dating from 1994, has an old fashioned opening-page allowing the visitor to decide to go for the German or English language. We went for the English version. Like most German sites it has its own registered url. The page looks like the webmaster used a "Front-page" theme, it has a menu on the left and content on the right. It isn't a frame-set, the whole page is reloaded when you click on a menu-item. The site is mainly white with a somewhat futuristic menu that is yellow and gray. Since the menu stands a bit on his own on the screen it doesn't look like a part of the site on a 1024 x 678 resolution (even if it's the preferred resolution by the webmaster). The sub-menu for some items (e.g. discography and songbook) have a separate menu that is placed under the main menu. The difference between both menu's is that the main menu has round-buttons, and the sub-menu has square-buttons. Although the colours are the same, yellow and black, they don't make a whole together. If the whole page is reloaded anyway, why not integrate the sub-menu in the main-menu. Each page has a text-menu at the bottom for easy navigation. The use of colours and images is done tastefully, they are small and not all of top-quality, but that's a pro for the images on some pages that are very long. The background-image doesn't appear on all pages. We also wonder why so many website use this image for a background, since the image, especially the "s" is damaged. Rating: 7/10 Content This website has a lot of content most Elvis web-sites offer too, but the big pro of the site is that most of it has been worked out in detail, mostly overviews. This makes the site stand out from others. A good example of this is the discography, which has a lot of covers and track listings of Elvis releases sorted by year(s). The main features of this site are a discography (in detail), movie overview, chart-history from several countries, an overview of which song is on which album, some news and a fan-message-board. Unfortunately that's in German and doesn't seem to be visited too much. There's nothing much we can say about the content here, since it's pretty standard. The quality and detail of some items make this site worth a visit. Rating: 7/10 Advice: We'd like to advise this webmaster to add that one special item to his site or work one part of the site out in more detail to make a difference from other sites with this kind of information. The discography is a good start, although there already is a nice overview of that on-line. But the effort the webmaster made so far gives us enough trust he'll come up with something. As an incentive we'd like to offer him our one-star-site of the week award.
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