Elvis The Early Years

Oct 24, 2003
Elvis The Early Years
From the same company as the DVD “Elvis In Germany” is this disk “Elvis The Early Years”. Design The design fits the content of the DVD with what looks like the small lines we know from old televisions over a shot of Elvis face. Inside some well known images and the track listing, on the back a short story on Elvis television appearances in English, French, German and Spanish. Content The cover promises rare historical material, but again Waterfall disappoints us. The content of this DVD was first released in Japan under the title “The T.V. Shows” and more recently in the budget series “Most Famous Hits” for which we once paid a fortune. This DVD is a copy of the last release with the songs of Elvis television performances mixed up a bit and some bad effects between the songs, ruining the end of the performances. The content by itself is interesting, all of Elvis television appearances on one disk. Released many times, but nice to have. Conclusion A re-re-release of the same material, nice for the collection, but get another release with the same content without the irritating “bumpers” between the performances.
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