Elvis The Back Story Volumes 1 And 2

Mar 21, 2003
Elvis The Back Story Volumes 1 And 2
Since the DVD-format hit the market more and more Elvis DVD’s are (re)released. Over eighty titles are available. Recently volume 1 and 2 of “Elvis Presley The Back Story” which should contain Elvis’ biography in two volumes. Design The DVD’s have a nice design; the covers contain a lot of images from all era’s of Elvis career, his movies, live of stage and even an artist poster of Elvis and Marilyn Monroe. This promises a complete story. The DVD has no menu, it simply starts playing. The first DVD end in the middle of a menu, but fortunately (not!) the second DVD simply starts where volume 1 left off. Content Released some time ago were the two volumes of “The Back Story”. Looking at all the different pictures of Elvis’ life and the title we thought we were in for a 2 DVD biography. Were we wrong … these two DVD’s contain the “Missing Years” DVD which came out in 2002, they didn’t even change the title. That DVD, which came with a CD, was a good biography on Elvis army years. These two DVD’s contain the same material. After the army years we get the rest of Elvis career in five minutes, so we must be honest it does cover Elvis’ life. Conclusion Although the story is a good one, you’re better off buying the “Missing Years” DVD and a bonus CD (with and audio biography, interviews and Hayride recordings).
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