Elvis South American Style

Nov 15, 1999
Elvis South American Style
Until the late 90's, Elvis' South-American items collectors had practically no references concerning the true value of records, movie memorabilia and publications from this side of the world. Then, in 1996 "The Ultimate Album Cover and Price Guide" book came along and shocked many Elvis fans. Then and there, many vinyl lovers found out that South-American items were at least as interesting as some Japanese and European gems. "¡Viva Elvis!" went further. It listed, depicted and priced every Argentinean pressing. Recently, the "Artist Of The Century"'s booklets included many rare South-American records. So I guess ELVIS, SOUTH-AMERICAN STYLE comes along just in time! This book (the first in a series to continue next year) is focused on five South-American countries: Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil and Perú. Dozens of NEVER BEFORE shown items are depicted here including records, CD's, Super 8mm films, original RCA Victor ads and publications. It's very interesting to see how two countries "so close" are "yet so far" as Argentina and Brazil. Take for instance the "Love Me Tender" soundtrack: Argentina did not release the EP. All the four songs from the movie were issued on 78 rpm singles. On the other hand, Brazil kept releasing the EP until the mid-60's changing the cover and label accordingly. All variations are depicted in this book, including the ULTRA-RARE white label EP of which I have only seen two copies so far (of course one of them in my collection). And this is only an example: you will find many cases like this one plus funny stories and precise data. And the most important thing: the book is in "LIVING COLOR"! It also contains a special price guide section reflecting current market values. BMG/Argentina is very pleased with our latest Elvis releases and has agreed in producing a special 5-track promotional only CD to be included as a FREE BONUS on the first (500) copies sold! Tracklisting is: "Ain't That Loving You Baby"; "I Believe"; "Follow That Dream" (true stereo mastertake); "You'll Be Gone" and "My Way". Enjoy the reading! (and the listening...)
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