Elvis South American Style

Feb 13, 2000
Elvis South American Style
Last week the book Elvis – South American Style arrived at our headquarters. Finally, because we were told it would arrive in the first half of January. But it was worth the waiting. In the preview that the writer, Carlos Ares, gave in our magazine (Week 12, 1999) he didn’t exaggerate at all. The artwork is very nice, the print on high quality glossy paper. The included promo-CD contains 5 songs from other South American releases (but they were released on other CDs too, so nothing really rare here). The CD has the same nice coverart as the book, while the CD itself is printed with covers of South American promos from the past. The book is divided in thematic parts, like Hound Dog, Love Me Tender, Elvis Hawaiian Style and several others. Those chapters give an extended view of all official releases from several South American countries, like Argentina, Uruguay and Brasil. Also the promos are handled in these chapters. They really are mouth-watering to the collector. The information is decorated with a couple of nice personal anecdotes by the writer and other stories. Carlos also mentioned the book isn’t intended as a picture book, but there are several rare ones included, beside all the great pictures of the covers, promo-material and movie-stuff. At the conclusion of the book lots of magazines (of course originating from South America) are showed, as well as some special CDs. At the very end followed by a pricelist of most South American collector's items. All we can do is urge you to get the book, if you have the chance, we are already looking for the follow-up!
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