Elvis Slept Here

May 29, 2000
Elvis Slept Here
There are two cities many people think of when the name of Elvis is mentioned. The first one of course is Memphis, but a close runner up is Las Vegas. The city where Elvis entertained over 2,5 million people, a record that still stands. We guess Vegas can't be without an Elvis site. So we took a look at a well known Elvis site from the city of light bulbs. Design Those who've been around the web a few years should be pretty familiar with this site since it has been around for a while in the same design. A yellow site with a basic top, a menu on the left and the content at the right. This basic set-up makes the site easy to navigate. At the bottom of each page is a small menu, so you'll always can find your way (back). For easy navigation there's a site map in flash, but also available in html. Each time you choose an item from the graphical menu the whole page is reloaded. The use of colours and images is done in good quality and consequently throughout the entire site. Some items on the site require Macromedia Flash to be installed on the site, but that should be pretty basic now-a-days. The site has a very consequently used design, but since it has been around for so long we'd like to see some new additions to the site every now and then. Rating: 8/10 Content The content of this site is various, not too much information, but a special page for "The Colonel" which isn't seen on too many sites, especially looking back positively. There's a small time line of Elvis life and a few memories of The King. Further there are electronic postcards of old black and white photo's with colours added, very nice. The last item is a Flash game, the Elvis-O-Matic in which you can "dress" Elvis in some very (un) fashionable outfits. We're a bit short on content, but that's because there's not that many around. This is one of those sites that's been around for a long time, and once you've been there you only go back to ... well perhaps to send a postcard. Rating: 6/10 Advise Our conclusion, been there, seen that, done that. This is not to put the site down in any way, the lay-out doesn't deserve that, but there should really be some new content added to this site, because it does deserve that. To give the webmaster a small push we award him our one star award.
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