Elvis Rocks Today

Sep 4, 2000
Elvis Rocks Today
Design The site has a two-frame setting. Upon entering the topframe shows a banner with some very unclear (if not out of proportion) Elvis pictures, without a name or a goal. The main picture just doesn't match the black background exactly, which is a pity, but proving that black isn't always black. A lot of animations and banners make you search for the real entrance to the site. After finding that entrance you'll get a table of contents, with some very ugly graphics for the menu-options (not all, the top-link of the menu hasn't a button yet), more animations and the picture from the entrance, but this time even out of proportion. Overall the proportions are a big problem on this site, it looks like all pictures are screwed. Also the continuous switching of fontstyles makes this site very repelling. Navigation isn't too bad, because every page has a link back to the main menu. We don't understand why the site has a two-frame setup, because the banner certainly isn't worth to be visible all the time and the top-frame has no function at all. Design: 2/10 Content The top link of the menu "All RCA /Import cd's, studio albums and dvd info and releases" seems to cover what it promises. It gives a huge page starting with an overview of live-bootleg CD's sorted by year. Next up is a list of RCA/BMG releases, with no logical order. Movies and Double Features are next up, this time we suspect it to have a sort of chronological order. Around this place we were lost, because we get more Sun/RCA/BMG releases, the total lack of logic in this page doesn't really invite to explore any further. The "Dutch Elvis News" is all pretty outdated, announcing events that took place several months ago, the "World wide Elvis News" and the CD/DVD news are more up to date. The RCA/Import lists are not too original, since there are some going on for years now. The "That's the Way It Is"-item is nice, it gives a good overview of the availability of (import)releases containing material from the documentary. The webmaster(s) seem to have a special spot for 1974 too, because there are two pages dedicated to this year: one for the shows and one for pictures. Other features on this site are a page with interviews/reviews (Dutch only) and the regular awards-page (to our surprise it wasn't empty) and a links-page that has some small remarks of what to expect! Content: 6/10 Advise Try to give the site a more consistent look and figure out the right size of the pictures. The way the information is presented now doesn't really invite to spend more than a couple of seconds on the site, which is a pity because even the interesting items will not be seen.
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