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Elvis Presley Patriotic Song Award

Dec 11, 2002
December 10 2002 we mentioned that Brooks And Dunn won the Elvis Presley Patriotic Song Award 2002. Since not too many people knew of the existence of this award. We emailed EPE for information and, together with information from the American Veteran Awards website, here is the additional information on this 'new' award.

The American Veteran Awards is a project the Veterans Foundation, Inc. They contacted EPE back in the spring of 2002 asking assistance with this year's awards show as they were planning to name their Best Patriotic Song award category in honor of Elvis. So, starting this year, winners of each year's winner for Best Patriotic Song will be getting the Elvis Presley Award.

This years award is the inaugural award in the name of the legendary entertainer and veteran known as 'The king Of Rock And Roll'. This recognition in honour of Elvis in a unique spotlight, ‘his military service’, will pay tribute to the best song that exemplifies patriotism. Some of the other award categories are named for other notable veterans.

Songs are nominated based upon original score and lyrics and the unique rendition of a red white and blue classic or a passionate performance to the U.S. troops deployed. Nominees will perform their song at the show.

The 8th annual awards banquet was held in November. It airs on the History Channel in February 2003. EPE had expected to wait and run something in their news section on their site to announce the new name of the award. But, the news got out.

This year’s award goes to Brooks and Dunn for their song ‘Only In America’. Brooks and Dunn could not be at the actual awards banquet in November when the Elvis Award was presented. This is one of the obligations ... They received their award on the set of CMT's Most Wanted Live program last Saturday.

AVA’s broadcast is scheduled for February 10, 2002 at 7:00 p.m. (EST), on The History Channel.
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