Elvis Presley In India Trivia

Dec 3, 2000
Elvis Presley In India Trivia
1 Only four of the Sun/RCA singles were put out by HMV India on their label. 2 RCA started releasing discs in India from 1965 - so the entire catalogue from Heartbreak Hotel onwards came out together that year ! 3 RCA had a contract with HMV -India (known as the Gramophone company of India)- from 65 till 1980 ,when Music India (a Polydor affiliate) took over, in between some LP's came out with the Polydor company logo on the back cover of the LP's. 4 Some (imported) singles till 1965 came out on 78 RPM - like Jailhouse Rock/Blue Suede Shoes/ Wooden Heart 5 The RCA 45's never had picture sleeves - just thin paper (white background with red &black lines) with the Center hole cut out to display the name of the disc- (this saved on printing !) 6 "The Love Machine" hit no 1 on the HMV India chart list ! (there were no other labels manufacturing records in India ) 7 "The Wonder of you" 45 came out with "Mamma liked the roses" (mis-)labeled on both sides ! 8 Indian companies stopped pressing 45's around 1974! The last 45 released was "I've got a thing about you baby/ Take good care of her" 9 The "From Elvis in Memphis"- album (released in 1972) had the new RCA (white Orange) logo on the cover and the old (Silver Black) logo on the actual disc ! 10 Elvis' Christmas Album, was the last LP (re)released by Music India. LP's production were stopped around early 1986. 11 Only One LP "Greatest Hits" was the only uniquely "Indian" LP-(Black cover, with an inlaid Madison square concert Picture (different to the MSG LP Picture) 13 This "Greatest Hits" LP was released by all the three companies to Press discs for RCA ! 14 The LP " Legendary Performer Vol. 4" had a different cover: it did not have the face encircled -but the complete photo. 15 Two CD's "Essential Collection" and "An Afternoon in the garden" were marked "Made in India" on the back covers -but the discs were actually manufactured the EU! 16 All Elvis movies with the exception of "Clambake" were released in India. 17 King Creole, GI Blues, Blue Hawaii, Wild in the Country, Girl Happy and Girls! Girls! Girls! had an "Adult" certification. 18 The Can-Can dance of Juliet Prowse was cut out of the movie GI Blues by the censors 19 The movie "Speedway" included the song "Five Sleepy Heads" which was cut out in other parts of the world. 20 Pre recorded Cassettes were introduced from 1985 onwards and here there is again - a load of different labels and compilations. 21 Last Elvis L.P. released in his lifetime was "Elvis Country" in 1974. 22 Legendary Performer Vol. 1 was released in Oct 77 as a tribute with ads in all the national English newspapers (very unusual). 23 "He Touched Me" was advertised as released ,but never hit the store shelves. This compilation of trivia, includes inputs from Mr Zahir Chinoy, who is currently President of the EPFC (India) recognized by EPE.
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