Elvis Presley Encyclopaedia

Oct 2, 2000
Elvis Presley Encyclopaedia
Several months ago we reviewed "The Elvex Pages" and said it was a integration of different websites from the same webmaster. This week we take a closer look at one of the components of this well know site which is not integrated and thus can be seen as a website of itself on the WWW. The Elvis Presley Encyclopaedia is one of two co-operations on the Internet between the owners of the Elvex Pages and For Elvis CD Collectors, the other one being the Import Top 40. Design The design of the site is simple yet very effective. It has a 3-frame structure with a main-menu at the top, where the visitor can choose several sub-categories (like work or people) or the alphabetic entry to a subject. At the left a sub-menu appears which shows a clear division of the chosen entry. The navigation is thus very clear, and even our beloved back-button is not needed, because one can always reach the (sub)menus with one click. The only real desire left regarding the unlocking of this site's content is a search engine, which might be an extra help to find what you're looking for. The font and colour setting are a tasteful and clear black and white setting. It fits the "encyclopedia"-format, but also is a bit dull since this website has very few images. The main logo of the site, which is indeed a great action shot from 1956, seems to be very popular. It appears on various websites, and even on CD-artwork. Unfortunately not all pictures do load, which gives the impression the site needs some maintenance. Rating: 9/10 Content What can we say? The number of entries is enormous (almost 2300): songs, people, movies, bootlegs or places, you name it and it is available. To a certain point that is, because we noticed the more recent releases aren't there. Again, some maintenance might be needed (the "last update"-date does give that impression too). Sometimes the information is very short and basic, while some subjects get more space. It must have been a hell of a job to collect the available information, but we think there are some improvements possible regarding the balance in the subjects. Still the Elvis Presley Encyclopaedia remains as one of the most informative sites around the World Wide Web. Rating 9/10 Conclusion This webmaster knows his way around the web, collected all the information, but hopefully he can use our comments to make his work even more outstanding. With a good searchengine the bulk of information on this site can be accessed more easily. We are glad to present him and his co-editor (another) 3 Star Award.
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