Elvis Presley And Other Celebrities

Aug 10, 2004
Elvis Presley And Other Celebrities
Elvis is said to be the most photographed man in history, if not the most photographed person. This book answers the question "who is Elvis standing with on that picture?" Design The book is a big sized, full color book with a really cool picture on the front; just Elvis, no other celebrity. The quality of the pictures is overall good, but due to the subject and the various sources some variation in quality, but that is to be expected. Content The title covers the content perfectly; Elvis and other celebrities. This book answers the question "who is Elvis standing with on that picture?" with a background on all the persons photographed with Elvis. It is nice to see that in the beginning Elvis is photographed with others, while in the end others are photographed with Elvis. Especially on the early pictures (e.g. backstage at the Opry) you can see Elvis is proud to have his picture taken with the celebrities he met on tour. But looking back, all people will probably say, "I had my picture taken with Elvis" and own a little piece of history. The last celebrity to meet Elvis is Elvis fan Bruce Springsteen on may 28th. 1977, but no photo exists. Browsing through the pages and see all the familiar and some unfamiliar faces and read the background on these people and their meeting with Elvis. A lot of pictures are known, but the author managed to find a few original pictures of Elvis and other celebrities we didn’t know. Conclusion A very interesting A-Z book, not just about Elvis, but also about all the people Elvis met, or was it the other way around? As a fan, this is a good addition to any collection to have facts and details on hand when you need them. Next week you can win a few copies of this A to Z on Elvis Presley and other celebrities.
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