Elvis Presley - Die Deutschen Seiten

Feb 4, 2001
Elvis Presley - Die Deutschen Seiten
Design The start screen is very blue with a black drawing of Elvis on it, elsewhere on the site are similar drawing(s) which fit better on the white background. The kind of drawings used are original, and look like sketches. The global look of the site is easy on the eye, with a tasteful colour setting. Some 3D effect give the site a finishing touch. The menu is text-based, while in almost every other case the webmaster used graphical links. On some tables a background picture is used, which makes the text in the table about unreadable in some cases. Another remarkable thing is that there are quite some familiar graphics on this site. Navigation on the site is about perfect. The mainmenu opens pages in a frame, and when necessary our beloved back button is available. Rating: 7/10 Content First thing we looked at, of course, was the news. Well, news... a few months ago it was. A nice feature for German fans is the TV-schedule. Of course the usual shop is available, and other basic Elvis-website items can be found here, e.g.Graceland, downloads 9audio, video, a wallpaper), image gallery and so on. Some of them are original, at least in German, so that may be a pro for German speaking fans. Others are straight copies from other sites, like the zillionth version of a lyrics database, without a proper credit for the source. The movie section is just plain basic information, without any additional content compared to other sites. So when you are looking for this kind of info, you'd better go to a specialized site. As a conclusion for the content we can say that we didn't find here what we really love to see: personal opinions. Not on the movies, not on songs, not on anything, so in our opinion it is rather meager. Rating: 6/10 Conclusion The suggestion that it is THE German Elvis site is exaggerated. We know German sites, even in German, that are much better, especially regarding the most important factor, the content. The presentation of the content that is available is done fashionable and pretty consequent, just enough to receive an encouraging one star award.
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