Elvis In The Beginning – The Inside Story

Mar 18, 2006
Elvis In The Beginning – The Inside Story
This DVD was released a couple of months ago, but due to the refusal of several DVD players to play it, it took some time to get to this review. Design The package is in one word: great! Very well designed and brought in good printing quality. The booklet has many great shots of our man, known and well-known, and as said, in good printing quality. The content of the DVD is something else. Very basic menus, not too well designed and what’s worse… we’ve seen most of the content regarding Elvis himself in better quality before. Our brand new DVD system recognized all sound settings, including DTS. Unfortunately we don’t see the point of having mono recordings and interviews in DTS. We still wonder why this EU produced discs refused to play in our EU players. Content The booklet by Deke Leonard is good. The story of The King told in an honest way. We recognized very much in it, content wise and expression wise. The interview DVD with Scotty Moore, DJ Fontana and The Jordanaires brings nothing new, except the aging of those guys. It’s one of those things you watch and listen once, and then put it in the cabinet. Unfortunately the interviews and snippets of Elvis are sometimes decorated with some nasty effects, which make it pretty irritating now and then. When our TV set enlarged the image to fit the (wide) screen we saw the digital blocks that build up the images. Maybe those interviews should have been taped in better quality. The second DVD will never see our player again. By turn 50s clips of great songs and songs from Aloha (in very poor quality, our 20 year old video tape is better) are played. Why not keep them chronological? Very “modern” Vegas-style decorations are used for the titles, we happen to find them quite distractive. Conclusion Nice package, with little content.
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