Elvis In Germany

Oct 22, 2003
Elvis In Germany
Released Recently is the DVD "Elvis In Germany". Design The front of this DVD has a very vague picture of Elvis in his dress uniform with a red filter over it. On the back we find the standard picture of a young Priscilla with an Elvis record by her side. The back and inside contain a short army biography in English, French and Spanish. What triggered us most was the bold statement on the cover “Containing Rare Historical Documents”. Content Do we get any rare historical document? No we don’t, unfortunately. This time it is not BMG milking Elvis products, but Waterfall Studios, probably hoping that the money will start pouring in with the re-release of an edited version of “The Missing Years” from 2001. The original by itself is a good documentary with a lot of army and private footage of Elvis and some interviews with army buddies and friends who were there. “Elvis In Germany” is a copy with some new video effects as dividers between the chapters (to hide the original ones?). Conclusion This release is as vague as the cover. To see a good documentary on Elvis’ army years get the original “Elvis The Missing Years” which contains a bonus CD and 32 pages booklet.
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