Elvis Goes Baroque

Nov 29, 1999
Elvis Goes Baroque
This week we take a look at a very strange King's cover, Elvis Goes Baroque. We all know most Elvis' music never lost its power and can still "compete with the best" of today's artists. Just look at his position as "artist of the century" almost all over the world. When Elvis's songs, or songs he made famous are recorded by other artists the almost always remain an Elvis' song and get something extra from being just that. When judged they are compared to the way Elvis recorded them. But does his music stand the test of time performing it the way it was done several hundred years ago ? There are several CD's out where Elvis music is preformed by classical orchestra's (and some of Elvis former musicians like Scotty Moore) but they remain close to the way Elvis preformed his songs, very melodic. This interpretation of Elvis' music by Peter Breitner is different. He took 20 well known Elvis' songs from all era's of his career - from ballads (Are You lonesome Tonight) and gospel (Crying In The Chapel) to real rock 'n' roll (Jailhouse Rock) - and turned them into four Concerto Grosso's for Flute, Oboe and Trumpet. Breitner created the particular sound of the baroque by adding violins and harpsichord. You have to listen closely to recognize some songs, following the solo for the part sung by Elvis. What makes this a great CD is the combination of ballads and rock 'n' roll in one bigger Concerto Grosso. But more important, the songs keep their particular Elvis touch; liveliness for the early fiftiessongs and rock 'n' roll tracks, and the warm feelings for the ballads and the performance we know Elvis added to his song on stage in the seventies. Our conclusion can be described with the words of the famous Monty Python:" And now for something completely different". This CD is something completely different, and you have to learn to listen to it. A pro is that Elvis music, and the way Elvis used to perform it (he used an orchestra as well on stage), can have this particular interpretation and keep their particular feelings. But like every pro has it's con, as a fan you do have to pay attention to recognise all songs.
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