Elvis Chile The Real Official Fan Club Of Elvis In Chile

Mar 5, 2000
Elvis Chile The Real Official Fan Club Of Elvis In Chile
The webmaster of this site attracted our attention by sending us an email with some news. Of course we couldn't resist checking out their website, and here is the result. Design Again we found a page with pretty much animation, which have been placed there recently. The design itself is sober. Mostly there is just a plain black background. On some pages a very original idea is used for the background: the Chilean flag. Unfortunately this is not done consequently. Overall the navigation is very good, because mostly there is just one page behind a menu-choice. The few times you go deeper into the site, there is no link back. So you have to enter again through the main menu, or use your browser's back button. Overall the choice of colours is good, in Chilean style: red, white and blue. Only the menu does show some green, probably because Word is used as the editor, so blame Microsoft for that! But nonetheless something goes wrong with the style sheet in that menu. Rating: 7/10 Content We can't say much about the content itself, we understand only a couple of Spanish words. But luckily the menu is English, so we can see what is supposed to be there. Often the pictures we get match, so we guess the text will be about that subject too. A short overview this site offers: "a pocketful of MP3", taken from various bootlegs, with source listing. Also you'll find a sales-section for Import CDR and (official) Laserdiscs and bootleg videos. Besides that there is an overview of Chilean releases on vinyl (just a list) and some Chilean CD-releases with short reviews. A fanclub site has (of course) a page about their activities (pictures in this case). There are also pages dedicated to some Import and BMG releases with a short review. Special on this site is the "World Wide Fans" page. It is fun, because we now see some faces that match (not) with the names we know from the Internet. For one page we are very glad that we do not understand Spanish too much. The whole subject of "Is Elvis Alive" is disgusting, so is the animation of "Elvis" climbing out of his coffin. In complete opposition of the previous page the MSG-press conference in Spanish is probably pretty useful for the Spanish fans. But unfortunately the level drops very quickly again to a page with the brother of Zorro in a white suit. Talking about suits, the next page is more interesting... a collection of pictures of Elvis' own suits from the 50's, 60's and 70's with a few short comments. Rating: 6/10 Advise Maybe it is an idea to use the Chilean look on the entire site. Now the black menu doesn't really match the flag. Remarkable thing is that the page with the most text isn't about Elvis, but about Zorro's brother. When you mention reviews in the menu, one might expect something more than a tracklisting and a few lines of comments. Be consequent in the use of languages, or even better: make a language switch. Maybe the webmaster can explain what Elvis is holding in his hand in the logo? The site is one point short of an award, so we can't give that to the webmaster. We can give the webmaster some comforting words: "We'll be back, so till we meet again, adios".
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