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Elvis At The Louisiana Hayride

By ElvisNews.com / KeesNov 2, 2006
Released by the Louisiana Hayride is a book on Elvis’ performances on the legendary show. The Elvis at the Hayride Package leverages the 50th year Anniversary of Elvis’ appearance on the Hayride.


The design of this soft cover coffee table book is very well designed. Although the 150 pictures are all black and white the book gives a “color” impression through the design and use of memorabilia.


This book is part of a book, 2CD and DVD set and offers a glimpse into the early and formative years of Elvis Presley on the historic Louisiana Hayride radio program. Through the memories of Hayride members and musicians who were there you see the young man who rises to the occasion; from the first appearances in 1954 to the self-made king in 1956.

Browsing through Hayride material I can’t help thinking “I’ve seen this before” and I have, in Joe Tunzi’s Hayride book. This is not so strange since it was written by the same authors and they reused the images, memorabilia and texts. So is it a book you already own when you have Joe Tunzi’s book? Definitely not, this book contains a more images and memorabilia of our man in a bigger size. Being a sucker for this early material this alone is worth getting it.


This book is an upgrade from Joe Tunzi’s Hayride book, it is bigger is size and the number of pictures, but not better.
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Greg Nolan (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 9, 2006report abuse
I saw a nice review and article that quotes the maker, in the new issue of GOLDMINE. Looks like yet another "must-buy." Boy, this hobby keeps at ya!

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