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Elvis' 18 UK #1 Singles Results

May 8, 2005
On this page you can find all the details on Elvis' 18 UK #1 singles which BMG re-releases in the United Kingdom, Ireland and The Netherlands (the singles also entered the French, Swedish, Slovenian and Swiss charts through import from the UK.

In the UK the single "All Shook Up" is not eligible to chart due to the addition of the collectors box for the singles. based on sales we listed the position the single would have been.

In Belgium, the UK-hits did not chart at all. The composers of the Ultratop decided to filter out all Elvis entries, as this was - quote - "an orchestrated sales campaign that did not reflect the musical preference of the Belgian people in 2005" - unquote.

We listed all results we could find (with the help of many fans keeping us up-to-date). If you have additional information, please let us know.

All Shook Up (re-issue) Jan 2005.

United Kingdom (#2)
Ireland #20
The Netherlands #17

Elvis Presley Jailhouse Rock (re-issue) Jan 2005

United Kingdom #1
Ireland #15
The Netherlands #19
France #87
Switzerland #96
Slovenia #1
Scotland #1

Elvis Presley One Night / I Got Stung (re-issue) Jan 2005

United Kingdom #1
Ireland #15
The Netherlands #16
Slovenia #2
Scotland #1

Elvis Presley A Fool Such As I / I Need Your Love Tonight Jan 2005

United Kingdom #2
Ireland #28
The Netherlands #13
Scotland #1

Elvis Presley It's Now Or Never (re-issue) Feb 2005

United Kingdom #1
Ireland #28
The Netherlands #13
France #86
Slovenia #1
Scotland #1

Elvis Presley Are You Lonesome Tonight? (re-issue) Feb 2005

United Kingdom #2
Ireland #24
The Netherlands #17
France #94
Switzerland #99
Slovenia #33
Scotland #3

Elvis Presley Wooden Heart (re-issue) Feb 2005

United Kingdom #2
Ireland #22
The Netherlands #23
France #94

Elvis Presley Surrender (re-issue) Feb 2005

United Kingdom #2
Ireland #25
The Netherlands #20
France #92
Switzerland #99
Sweden #93

Elvis Presley (Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame / Little Sister (re-issue) Mar 2005

United Kingdom #3
Ireland #21
The Netherlands #20
France #96
Sweden #79

Elvis Presley Rock A Hula Baby / Can't Help Falling In Love (re-issue) Mar 2005

United Kingdom #3
Ireland # 45
The Netherlands #17
Switzerland #87
Sweden #76

Elvis Presley Good Luck Charm (re-issue) Mar 2005

United Kingdom #2
Ireland #42
The Netherlands #17
Sweden #68
Wales #4

Elvis Presley She's Not You (re-issue) Mar 2005

United Kingdom #3
Ireland #49
The Netherlands #16
Switzerland ##100
Sweden #69

Elvis Presley Return To Sender (re-issue) Apr 2005

United Kingdom #5
Ireland #41
The Netherlands #17
Switzerland #99
Sweden #72

Elvis Presley (You're The) Devil In Disguise (re-issue) Apr 2005

United Kingdom #2
Ireland #34
The Netherlands #23
Sweden #74

Elvis Presley Crying In The Chapel (re-issue) Apr 2005

United Kingdom #2
Ireland #26
The Netherlands #18
Sweden #82

Elvis Presley The Wonder Of You (re-issue) Apr 2005

United Kingdom #4
Ireland #20
The Netherlands #25
Sweden #100

Elvis Presley Way Down (re-issue) Apr 2005

United Kingdom #2
Ireland #19
The Netherlands #18
Switzerland #94
Sweden #96

Some campaign facts:

1. Elvis has sold over 750,000+ singles in 4 months.
2. "One Night" was the UK’s 1000th UK #1
3. Elvis is the only artist to have hit the #1 spot 21 times.
4. No artist has ever had 3 different #1 singles in one month.
5. Elvis has now had more Top 3 singles in a year than other artist.
6. Presley has enjoyed more Top 10 entries than any other artist with 77.
7. The releases generated 28,000 column cm’s of PR with an advertising value of £2.3 million.
8. The PR campaign reached over 32 million consumers in the UK.
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pacer1965 (profilecontact) wrote on May 23, 2005report abuse
Now that it is over.I have been getting the rest of my singles from the ebay.I have had trouble getting these singles in the shops.Ebay is alot cheaper than the fan club.I have only paid 99p for some of them.I have only one more to get now
rickyquo (profilecontact) wrote on May 18, 2005report abuse
I managed to collect the full set first time around without too much difficulty(apart from 'a fool such as i')but i'm really chuffed about it, the set looks stunning once it is complete. my fiancee was also lucky enough to collect all the vinyl and once again they too look excellent. overall the box set was a massive success even though a lot of controversy surrounded it at the early stages. to all of who own this excellent release, well done and a big thanks to everyone for making every release such a success.
pasa-ryu (profilecontact) wrote on May 12, 2005report abuse
i used my head when i first heard of this exciting releas:1..i pre-ordered the two boxe's from 'original elvis presley fan club' and pre-ordered all my cd and vinyl copies from my local hmv store..and all i had to was go to the counter and pick up my cd/vinyl each week!..i never missed one copy//thanks to hmv having my orders each week ready for me to pick up at my liesure..even if the rest of the singles/vinyl were sold out..i still had my copies ready to pick up at my leisure.my name and phone no was all i needed to say..why many other fans failed to do the same and miss out on thier copies i dont know?.all they had to do was preorder their copies proir to them being released.
Colin B (profilecontact) wrote on May 8, 2005report abuse
I always kinda thought that Scotland was a part of the UK ! How come they are listed separately ?
Elvis girl (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 24, 2005report abuse
Have all but 2. A fool such as i and Wooden heart which will get from Todd
sdeahkcid (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 26, 2005report abuse
I went into HMV Belfast today . loads of cds of all the singles, even "A fool such as i" which was very hard to get. hundreds of vinyl of all the singles, all the singles except one ofcourse, the current one "His latest flame! I questioned the manager and with a big smile he said "At the end of august theyr releasing the box set in full" ... he just didnt get it.
BeautifulAngel (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 15, 2005report abuse
Up to now i have managed to get all the Elvis songs that have been released. YaaaaaaY!!
dailyone (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 13, 2005report abuse
strike me pink when you sit and really look at all these singles. even the greats of the past dont hold a stick to elvis. i know the music and songs dont really mean much with the words but they are querky .
Eddie White (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 11, 2005report abuse
homedad, So am I right in thinking that INON should be coupled with MMKI and NOT AMOB as AMOB was coupled with GOMBF in the UK? Thanks.
homedad (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 11, 2005report abuse
Eddie - the b-side of INON in the UK was MMKI. When INON was released in US in Jul 1960 there were copyright problems in UK (it is based on the old tune O Sole Mio) and the release was delayed - so we got the b-side A Mess Of Blues c/w Girl Of My Best Friend (RCA1194) from the album. Later INON was released in the UK (RCA1207) c/w MMKI. Neither Girl nor MMKI were on US singles.

Similar situation with Wooden Heart - not originally a US single release but such a big European hit it was released as a "Gold Standard" single in Nov 1965 c/w Puppet On A String from Girl Happy. The UK single released in March 1961 was Wooden Heart c/w Tonight Is So Right For Love (RCA1226).
Eddie White (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 1, 2005report abuse
Mark R, Because I wanted to know straightaway, I e-mailed Graceland the same question. I had a reply saying that MMKI was only on the Elvis Is Back album and never put on a single, biut I doubted their reply.
Son Of Mark 64 (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 31, 2005report abuse
Sorry Eddie I ment incorrect Make Me Know It was the British B side
Son Of Mark 64 (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 31, 2005report abuse
Eddie you are correct Its Now Or Never was released july 1960 in the us on rca7777 with A Mess Of Blues as the b side it went to no 32 in the hot 100 on July 31st 1960 while Its Now Or Never reached no 1 on November20th 1960
Riozzi (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 28, 2005report abuse
just called into my local hmv store again,no sign of INON,but there is about 100 copies of one night and AFSAI on vinyl that were not there on monday or tuesday.Looks like elvis will not make number one this week, another conspiracy by the chart riggers,sorry compilers.
DDH (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 24, 2005report abuse
Just called into our local Woolies store [9-15am] They only got 5 [FIVE] copies of Now or Never in, 3 already sold. They where unable to find covers for the other 2 and i was told they could not therefore supply me. I asked if they find the cover[s] could they keep me one. The answer was NO. No sign of the extra AFSAI copies either. NoN is waiting for me at HMV, but they did not get AFSAI either. So bmg/sony were are the copies we're promised.?
I am Buffalo-Horn! (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 22, 2005report abuse
One thing people seemed to have missed is that Elvis has set another record which will probably never be equalled. Jailhouse Rock was the first single to ever go straight in at Number one in the UK charts, in Jan 1958. 25 years later, the same song once more went straight in at number one! Beat that Cliff!
Riozzi (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 20, 2005report abuse
it will be interesting to see how many more number 1's elvis can have before downloading music comes into effect. i think another six is possible,these being: his latest flame. good luck charm. return to sender. devil in disguise. the wonder of you. way down.
Eddie White (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 20, 2005report abuse
I've just been speaking to my elder brother who told me that the UK single INON was backed with' Make Me Know It' and not 'A Mess of Blues'. I suspect MMKI was the American flip side. Can anyone help please?
Eddie White (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 17, 2005report abuse
How couldASU have charted at No2 when it was inelligible to be included because of the box.
DaisyDaisy (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 15, 2005report abuse
A wonderful release but why so limited? Fans are already having to pay through the nose to get them as the first few have disappeared from the shops already. I've got mine but so many fans havn't and are already paying a lot of money to get them. Wouldn't it be nice if, for once, BMG would think of the fans.

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