E! True Hollywood Story: The Last Days Of Elvis

Sep 27, 1999
E! True Hollywood Story: The Last Days Of Elvis
This will not be a review of the TV-show, simply because we did not see it ourselves. As we understand it was a very depressive documentary about all negative aspects of Elvis’ last few years. The emotions it caused on alt.elvis.king are, once again, showing that the Elvis-fan world is a very divided one. The first thread we noticed regarding this show was started by the producer. It started with some thoughtful posts. Of course the show was dark, because it sells. Real good journalism, showing a realistic point of view doesn’t. Pointing to all negative facts, forgetting the positive is much more attractive to the general public than a show that is boring positive. One of the posters asked Marty Lacker, member of the original Memphis Mafia, if it isn’t time for all guys to get together. They should disregard their personal feelings for each other and give the world a complete, so both the positive as negative elements, image of their time with Elvis. Marty Lacker said that was tried before, but the plan wasn’t realised. Also Graceland should stop their opposite politics by intending there was nothing negative about Elvis. Come on EPE, that is why Elvis died at the impressive age of 42. We have to support this point of view, because this behaviour of the Graceland-staff makes them look very silly, if not unstraight. Of course they must take care of Elvis’ heritage, but not by trying to erase the negative. Underlining the positive in a good way is the best they can do. In opposite of the thoughtful posts we saw other ones. Some of them very sad, they almost make you feel sorry for the writers of it. Like one that is bashing and insulting some of the speakers in the special in a very immature way. Following this with a remark about all the good Elvis did: "The Jaycees award, endless moneygiving to charities, saving a hospital". Sure, those things are much more important than his artistic achievements, which aren’t mentioned at all! Swiftly this subject ended up in the well-known "to hate or not to hate the Memphis Mafia". Blessed be the day when both groups accept each others existence, without causing the same old story over and over again. There are people interested in the stories of the Memphis Mafia, so what? The producers of this special seemed to be able to filter it negatively, so why can’t the fans pick up only the positive things, if they want? To blame only the Memphis Mafia for all negative stories about Elvis isn’t really realistic in our point of view. Maybe some day we get a well-balanced documentary about Elvis, including the most important, his achievements, beside the part we aren’t happy with, but which exists. We are all attracted in some way to the artist and/or human being Elvis Presley, so let’s enjoy the common. Like someone stated "that all that counts is the fact that Elvis did entertain us for over 20 years, and still does, 22 years after his passing" or, maybe the best expression of feelings regarding this subject: "I am sad that he ended up like that, but it can't erase all that he was for so many years to me"
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