We picked up this edition of "That’s The Way It Is SE" from China, it was released last august on the Flying Pig label. Since it is somewhat of a collectors item, we decided to do a review so you can determine if it is worth getting.more
Updated: Nov 16, 2004
Because of the screening in British theatres last week, BBC reserved much space for the King. We included both views by BBC News and BBC Online.more
Updated: Mar 18, 2001
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A great release on some of Elvis' most inspiring Las Vegas performances. See Elvis both behind and on stage.more
Updated: Jan 27, 2001
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If you don't know the documentary, you should definitely get it, but be prepared for the awful production. We really hope (in vain probably) they did a better job on the other two volumes.more
Updated: Jun 16, 2002
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This DVD is volume three in the Great Performances series which are now re-released on DVD. Volumes 1 and 2 were available on video before, volume 3 becomes available for the first time.more
Updated: Aug 4, 2002
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The company who released this DVD has a name you must remember when you see this DVD. Payless Entertainment, and this is no joke!more
Updated: Jun 11, 2002
Finally available, the Elvis clip collection, was it worth the long long wait?more
Updated: Nov 3, 2007
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The Phoenix XP Production label released a DVD with “everything regarding Madison Square Garden” on it.more
Updated: Nov 10, 2008
The celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Rock and Roll has passed a month ago, does this DVD titled “The Birth Of Rock And Roll” add anything?more
Updated: Aug 9, 2004
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Passport International was kindly enough to send us a preview copy of the 8 DVD set, "The Definitive Elvis". Because these are screening copies on video, we can't say too much about the image or sound quality, but it really looks very promising.more
Updated: Jun 30, 2002
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