I think I Believe is the perfect title for a collection of Elvis' religious music because, working with him almost 15 years, I know he believed every word in these songs. It was indeed an honor to know and work with him. We shall always treasure our memories. – Gordon Stoker, The Jordanaires in the sleevenotes of the "I Believe" box-set.more
Updated: Apr 3, 2009
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Recently Sony released the zillionth gospel compilation by our man. For an obvious reason Elvis’ gospels are always working for the mass and probably there are more to come, just like the (almost) annual Christmas compilations.more
Updated: Apr 12, 2009
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The “normal” FTD of July 2006 is a live recording from Las Vegas, February 1974.more
Updated: Jul 15, 2006
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Sony re-issued two more Camden volumes on their Special Budget label; “I Got Lucky” and “Elvis Sings Hits From His Movies”. Did I get lucky tracking down a copy?more
Updated: Mar 19, 2009
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After the throwaway soundtrack “Easy Come, Easy Go” I needed some real music to listen to. Since I always loved the “He Touched Me” album, I decided to give “I Sing All Kinds” a go first.more
Updated: Jul 19, 2007
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This “study material” CD form the SR label was released some time ago, but we finally tracked down a copy. Is it for "Elvis students" only?more
Updated: Apr 23, 2008
This release was part of five rush releases in the first quarter of 2002 from Teenager Records. The CD was released as a CDR a while ago, so this version doesn’t bring us any surprises at all.more
Updated: Jun 2, 2002
Christmas was Elvis’ favourite time of the year, and you can hear Elvis enjoyment in these songs. This release is the perfect present for every music lover.more
Updated: Nov 3, 2002
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This series can be a good introduction of Elvis in the Christian stores, gaining a new public, and in return a nice way to introduce that public to Elvis.more
Updated: Nov 30, 2001
The latest “new” outing of FTD is the Vegas Midnight show of 3 February 1973. Was Elvis still at his top like less than a month earlier in Hawaii?more
Updated: Dec 14, 2008
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