Like we did last year with "ELV1S 30 #1 Hits", we will keep score of the highest chart positions of "ELVIS 2nd To None" on the worldwide chartsmore
Updated: Dec 4, 2003 Shop
The new regular FTD is also in the classic album format: 2 CDs in a 7” fold-out.more
Updated: Dec 20, 2012 Shop
To be honest I never would have bought this compilation myself, since I have more than enough of them by now. Thanks to Elvis Australia I am able to give my view on it.more
Updated: Feb 18, 2010 Shop
For those that did not notice yet: a real classic album is released in this FTD series. Let’s try to answer the quickpoll question of the moment “Is this release also a classic?”.more
Updated: Apr 13, 2007 Shop
We can only say that this is a neat release on the FTD-label, including rehearsals from On Tour, and some marvelous outtakes from both 1972 and 1975.more
Updated: Mar 18, 2001 Shop
I like this CD, I'm glad FTD released it, I'm glad I bought it but it's not a jewel like some other FTD releases. Not in content, and not in design - I think the artwork of this digipack isn't really great.more
Updated: Mar 18, 2001 Shop
Single #10 in the 2007 single re-issue series from BMG U.K.more
Updated: Oct 6, 2007 Shop
The show is an interesting one, partly because of his version of the Sweet Inspirations theme song, and thanks to the remastering a very decent audience recording to listen to.more
Updated: Jan 18, 2004
Limited re-issue of a collection with "Canadian links".more
Updated: Mar 1, 2000 Shop
Or should we write The Capital Performances? A couple of months ago two CD’s with this title were announced, and they appeared to have about the same content, the evening performance of June 8, 1975 in Jackson, Mississippi.more
Updated: Sep 17, 2002
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