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Cajun Tornado

Nov 1, 2001
As with all Madison releases, the visual part of this release is nearly perfect. A good design, tasteful colour setting and a pleasantly readable text gives us a wonderful 12-page booklet. The CD's (Madison calls them disks) are plain coloured.


The first CD starts with yet another, unfortunately incomplete, May '75 concert, this time from Lake Charles (May 4). Most of us are familiar with these shows by now and this one meets the expectation. Elvis in good mood, singing the usual set with a few highlights, "Help Me", "The Wonder Of You" and "I'll Remember You" being among them. A bonus chat/ song (Jambalaya, previously released) from the evening show of May 4 precedes a part of a 1976 show (June 3, Fort Worth). CD2 starts with the begin of the show that was the end of CD1. From "2001" to "Love Me" we get the "standard" opening of a 1976 show. After this we move a couple of months into 1977. A part of the February 14 show in St. Petersburg (Fl.) starts with an incomplete "If You Love Me Let Me Know". This 1977 show is better than the usual 1977 stuff, with a more than fair version of "And I Love You So" and most of the time you can actually understand what Elvis is saying/singing. The piano is very audible in the recording of this show, which gives a nice touch to it. The set closes with a couple of tracks from 02/21/1977, of which the most interesting were previously released (e.g. "Reconsider Baby" and "Moody Blue").

In general we can say that the sound quality goes from fair (Lake Charles) to very good. It's more of the same and unfortunately the set contains only incomplete shows, but the producers did at least fill the CD's with the addition of the released songs. Some people might be happy since the "originals" are hard to find nowadays.
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